Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano

Since discovering the reason behind my mysterious sicknesses and going Gluten free my life has transformed dramatically. I would have to say that it's all been for the best; however, finding a place to dine out has become somewhat of a challenge. Through a series of frustrating leads trying to find a God Fathers Pizza that actually carries the gluten free pizza they are touting around on their web site we ran across a God Father's employee who's mother has Celiac disease and often eats at a restaurant called Biaggi's. This was the 6th God Father's Pizza we tried that did not have the GF pizza; the employee took pity on us and told us that Biaggi's had a gluten free pizza. Rushing to claim our pizza victory prize Bear and I instantly wound up lost thanks to mapquest. When we found the restaurant and were able to pick up our pizzas they barely made it home before we began to ravenously tear into a light and fluffy crust. I had to check with Bear several times to make sure it was gluten free. It did not scratch or weigh three pounds and tasted... well.. Good! Bear knew that he had to take me back to the restaurant for my birthday after finding out that there was an actual menu full of gluten free foods. I'm not talking about the piddly little paper kiddy menu that few restaurants carry and claim to be their gluten free/ special diet menu that usually consists of wilted iceberg lettuce and some overly nasty vinaigrette that may as well be just plain vinegar and a cup of half rotten fruits. NO! This was an actual menu with actual food. I wanted every thing on the menu. After much debate I chose the Linguini and Clams and a glass of red house wine. There just are not enough words to describe how absolutely wonderful this dish was, but I will do my best. The menu described it as: "Little Neck clams sautéed in a garlic-herb butter and tossed in a white wine clam sauce with tender asparagus". Gluten free or not, this is a dish to try if you are half the lover of clams that I am. Heck, even if you hate the little buggers this is well worth the trip. The price might seem a little steep; till the gargantuan bowl comes brimming with clam filled goodness. The sauce was creamy yet light which pared well with the wine. Our waiter Troy was an absolute joy and paid the utmost attention to every detail. Since it was my birthday he insisted that I needed a desert but I was just to full to even try (I had only eaten half the bowl). The atmosphere was calming and warm. It was a delightful mix of modern tranquility art and warm hearth home. The restaurant was getting a little full when we left, but the noise level was still only a low murmur. Truly this is a place to visit and revisit again and again. I know we have found a new favorite. Thank you Bear, Troy, and all the staff of Biagi's for all of your special attention, and for making this birthday one of my favorites.