Monday, December 9, 2013

Stuffed Acorn Squash

I saw a picture in a magazine recently of acorn squash stuffed with some type of meat pilaf.. Unfortunately I did not get the recipe. So I created this instead and it is a new family favorite. 
You will need:
1 Acorn Squash
Ground Lamb Meat
Butter (we use an olive oil based butter)
Brown Rice
1 Red Onion
Italian seasoning
First prepare the squash:
Cut it in half and scoop out the seeds ( I save our Halloween pumpkin carving tools and they work great for this.) Put the halves cut side down in a covered dish with just a little water in the bottom. Cover and cook on high in the microwave for 15 minutes. The skin should easily give to a fork when done. Next turn right side up and put butter along the rim and inside the bowl of the squash.
Cook the Quinoa and rice up and set aside.
Dice the onion up and cook till translucent and then add lamb. Cook the lamb on the stove with onion and seasonings. When it is done stir in rice and Quinoa. Scoop into squash and serve. Enjoy!