Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gluten Free Crackers

These Gluten Free Crackers are an excellent alternative to Ritz crackers. They are slightly more crunchy; but I think that makes them taste better than Ritz. They are made with corn starch and white rice flour. Hmmm I wonder if they have one with brown rice flour ;) Enjoy!
I've been meaning to blog about them since January but I've been so busy and a tad upset. It looks like Bear and I will have to wait another year (or two) for a child. It turns out that I am Hypoglycemic. That coupled with my Gluten Intolerance coupled with my Ehlers-danlos has made a recipe that my doctors don't want to mess with. At least I'm FINALLY getting answers after 17 years of tests and dead ends. I feel validated to know that my Gluten Intolerance is not imagined and that the missing link was the Hypoglycemia. I guess this blog will now become a gluten Intolerant/Hypoglycemic blog. Oh well, women are having children at older ages these days. Till I can hold my baby in my arms Bear and I are looking to adopt a puppy. Wish us luck.

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