Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Glutino wafer cookies

These are an incredible Tea time treat. The filling between the wafers is so moist and creamy it's almost like frosting, yet the wafers stay crisp. My favorite of them is the lemon flavored wafers. There is a sweet candy lemon flavor and then a zing of tartness. The chocolate are my second favorite, they are comparable to Kit Kat bars. I have missed them since going GF so these wafers were a lovely surprise. The strayberry ones are ok, but they remind me of those fruity cereals from the 80's that always had to much sugar in them and made our parents have to peel us off the ceiling after breakfast. I have to end here, I am fighting a horrid migraine today. Bear almost had to take me to the hospital. Typing this has worn me out even though I am typing from bed on the lap top. Good night, and enjoy.

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  1. Hi: I am so sorry you have a migraine. I know first hand how horrible you feel. I will pray for you. Sometimes going to the hospital is the fastest way to get rid of them. I am so sorry you ar suffering. May God's hand be upon you. Blessings, Martha