Thursday, January 13, 2011

GF Brownies

This is a delicious brownie. It is moist and melts in your mouth; the perfect treat to have with tea. I like to keep a box on hand to make up when I have guests coming over.
A word on Gluten Free and this blog:
Hi, I just wanted to make a quick mention about being gluten free and why I started this blog. When I mention that I am gluten free people always tell me how sorry they are. I find this to be rather amusing and usually ask them why they are sorry? See people think you have to give up everything that you loved before going GF, and the truth is as long as your willing to experiment and do some searching, you can have every single thing you miss from before you went GF in GF form. This blog was made largely to illustrate some of the tasty treats that a lot of people think they have to give up. I DO NOT eat these every day. Eating high fat and sugary treats and/or meals every day is HIGHLY unhealthy! Salads, chicken, veggies, rice, and fruits make up a lot of my meals. I'm lucky that I'm not lactose intolerant or allergic to eggs on top of being Gluten intolerant. Giving up Gluten was easy, but Heaven only knows what I would do if I had to give up cheese! I'm still working on a flaky buttery crust for potpies and croissants, but almost there. So sit back and Enjoy!

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