Wednesday, July 27, 2011


mmmmm, Yet another yummy lunch made by my Dear Bear. In the top left corner there is a scrambled egg with mushrooms and pepper and baby dill pickles. In the top right pocket there are strawberries and blue berries. In the bottom left pocket is our family's favorite peanut butter quesadillas, and in the bottom right pockets there are snap peas and a small inch long chunk of smoked turkey sausage. Mmmmm. I think that because there is such a large variety of things in the lunch I fill up faster. This lunch is approximately 275 to 300 calories. Lunch is our biggest meal. Also we've switched to buying medium eggs. Size wise we really can't tell the difference between a medium egg and an extra large egg now that we made the switch but it cuts 17 calories and 59.2 mg of cholesterol. Well worth it. With all of the changes we've made to our diet, Bear and I have each lost over 30 lbs. I am almost to my first mini goal. Wish me luck and Enjoy!

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