Thursday, December 24, 2009

Graham Crackers

S'moreables Graham crackers made by Kinnikinnick Foods are simply amazing. Bear loves smores and we used these all summer long. The marshmallow fits perfectly on one cracker. They have a slightly different texture than wheat based Honey Graham crackers but I like these better. Recently, I used them to make a Graham cracker crust for pudding pie. The crackers were slightly harder to finely crush with the rolling pin but once crushed they made a lovely crust. The crackers are slightly smaller than the wheat based honey grahams, but I am getting used to gluten free items coming in smaller sizes than their gluten counterparts. These are the perfect snacks to have on hand. You can make smores, top them with chocolate or cream cheese frosting, eat them plain, make ice cream sandwiches, sandwich cream cheese between two layers, and make Graham crackers crusts. Truly whatever your imagination can come up with. Have fun and Enjoy!

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