Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hot Soup for Colds

Oh Dear, It's winter cold and flu season again and I can't have chicken noodle soup anymore... Or can I? Trader Joe's sells wonderful Asian Rice Noodle soups. There are three Flavors that I've seen: Garlic Rice, Wild Mushroom (my favorite), and Spring Onion. Gluten free and the perfect thing to chase away a cold. The noodles can be a bit much when you are sick but the broth is hot, spicy, and reminiscent of chicken noodle soup. The seasoning packets are all kept separately till you make the soup which makes it taste a bit fresher then regular ramen bowls. At only 130 calories per serving verses the 308 calories of a ramen soup, and 625 mg of sodium verses the astounding 1960 mg of sodium in ramen noodles this is a good alternative. Try not to be disappointed when you see how few mushrooms are in the Wild Mushroom soup; the taste will make up for it. They are all rich and spicy, yet sit nicely on an upset tummy. This is a great deal at only $1 per bowl. This solves our winter cold and flu soup dilemma. Sure I could make my own chicken soup, but if I'm sick and Bear is at work it's nice to have this on stand by. Enjoy!

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