Saturday, April 3, 2010

Biaggi's Revisited

Biaggi's you've done it again. Bear and I absolutely LOVE your restaurant. This still remains one of the few places that's safe for me to eat that has a real menu and not a scrap of paper listing three salads that they remove the croutons from. Easter Sunday is our One year anniversary and we have been wanting a special occasion to go back to Biaggi's (instead of just getting their take out pizza which remains one of my favorite GF pizzas). Since we did not want to fight the Easter crowd we went a little early. Our waitress was Charis and all we can say is Hat's off to you. Biaggi's was quite full this time and while we saw her here there and everywhere she did not seem rushed at all when she spoke to us. She even gave us the heads up that Biaggi's will be getting a GF cakes soon. Yummy. All of the staff there are splendid and will do everything within their power to make sure you have a wonderful time. I posted a picture of Bear's dinner this time because honestly, if they are going to go through that much effort to make every meal into a work of art it should be noted. He had the Filet Mignon. While I hate the taste of cow, the sautéed mushrooms I snatched from his plate were absolutely amazing. Bear who does not like tomatoes loved the sun-dried tomato cream sauce he even liked the fresh cherry tomatoes. I snatched one of those as well. Mmmm delicious. It was also served with asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes which Bear happily devoured.
I was torn from wanting to order Linguini and Clams (which I had last time) or the Alfredo. For the sake of something different I ordered the Farfalle Alfredo with Grilled chicken, bowtie pasta, roasted peppers, sautéed red onion and peas. I had them leave out the crispy Italian cured ham since I am allergic to pig. I will admit that I was slightly disappointed that the bowtie pasta turned out to be the same Linguini I had with the Clams last time. Aside from that it was delicious. The Alfredo sauce with Asiago cheese was light and creamy not the heavy thick stuff that you get out of a can at most other restaurants. I happily ate every last bit of it, but probably should not have. We were pleasantly full but not stuffed when we finished. By the time we got to our car we both realized we ate to much and were stuffed. Sigh, and I was looking forward to the GF chocolate cake Bear had gotten us from Trader Joe's for dessert, Oh well, there is always tomorrow. Heck our Anniversary is not till Sunday. Sunday we will be going to the Original Pancake house. We hear they have a fabulous GF menu and the staff was more than helpful when we talked to them on the phone. I will defiantly be posting about them then. Till then THANK YOU BIAGGI'S.

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