Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zebra Pizza

We found another Pizza we like. I know I know, What IS up with gluten free people and Pizza? Well we like it, 'nuff said. I'm just glad that I don't have the dairy problems that usually go with it.. Knock on wood. Anyway about Zebra Pizza, the staff there was wonderful. They also offer gluten free deserts. I think the woman in the back nearly split her sides laughing when I found out about the deserts. If you put the words cherry and chocolate cake in the same sentence I can't help but smile. Ok, smile and beg to have some. The pizza crust was the closest I've had yet to a 'real' crust. They make their own dough so it's fresh and you can taste it. The crust is the perfect mixture of a crunchy outside and bread-like inside. It does not cut your mouth, or fall apart while you are trying to eat it. It felt and tasted like any wheat based flour crust, only better. The sauce was slightly spicy (I've had better, but this was pretty darn good). They also load the toppings on the pizza. Other than homemade pizza I've yet to see anyone else put this many toppings on a gluten free pizza. Yum Yum and yum! The Cherry chocolate cake we did not get around to till the next day but it was also delicious. It is about 6" in diameter but a little goes a long way. We had it with tea in the morning. It was the perfect combination. The cake is extremely moist and chocolaty. It does have the grainy gluten free texture but the moistness covers it up nicely. This would have been perfect with some cool whip, but I don't often buy that type of thing. All in all, this was a WONDERFUL pizza place! We will defiantly be trying them again soon and with all the work we are doing around the house having a quick pizza place nearby is going to come in handy. Enjoy!

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