Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I realized that lately I have been posting all the not so healthy things we eat. It's easy to eat Gluten Free with fruits, veggies, meats, rice and so forth; it's the treats that you have to be creative with. I guess that's why I've been posting them. So this morning I decided to post my breakfast as a GF breakfast example. 4 yummy strawberries. Two slices of Udis Gluten free Whole Grain Bread toasted, and two scrambled egg whites with sauteed morel mushrooms. The mushrooms we gathered this past weekend (you can read about that "Here"). With the toast and the sauteing I probably used half a table spoon of butter. That is the only cholesterol in this meal (the cholesterol is in the yolk of an egg not the whites). This breakfast had 29 carbs. Sigh* hitting 45 carbs per meal is hard.
To make this meal first wash off your Morels and then cut them in half lengthwise. If they are hallow they are safe to eat. I always cut them even if I am sure they are safe. Then saute' them in butter with a little basil and garlic. I do not use Pam. It is bad for you and the environment. Next separate two egg whites and scramble in with sauteed morels. If you are not sure about a mushroom DON'T EAT IT! Enjoy!

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