Friday, April 9, 2010

Dietitian Appointment

Wahooooo!!! Yesterday I finally got to speak with a dietitian regarding my Hypoglycemia and seemingly inability to loose weight! I kept an incredibly detailed food journal for the last month because I knew it would be the first thing she would ask for. I was so happy that she took me seriously and not once did she pull out the plastic food proportion examples. She saw that I know what a real serving is and thought that my meals were properly sized and eaten at properly spaced apart time intervals. Now the bad stuff (though it’s not really bad). The first thing she said was that I was not eating enough carbs. What?! Wait, aren’t carbs the devil of all foods? I thought they should be avoided at all cost. Apparently I am eating less than half of what she would recommend as an ultimate low carb diet. Who knew? So I guess I get to eat more bread. Geeeeee what a pity (please note the sarcasm). She also said I could eat more potatoes. Hmmm I was not aware that you could eat more potatoes then I do already. I was cutting back a little because I was a little worried about the starch, but she says that the starch is ‘A Good Thing’ (imagine my surprise). She wants me to keep my carb intake even throughout the day; not eating a little all day and then cramming it in at dinner time to make up for it. This is probably the reason I get so sleepy after dinner .Next, I have been choking down a hard-boiled egg every day for a month trying to raise my protein. Well not any more. She is worried about my cholesterol. She said that I can eat the whites to get the protein and be ok; it’s the yoke that are full of fat and cholesterol. Blink*Blink* soooo your telling me that I can eat the yummy white part and throw the nasty, choking, gagging, disgusting, yellow goo away? Yep I am! AWESOME; So there IS a silver lining! I will be speaking with my doctor again soon. She is wondering if there is a correlation between my being overweight and my Ehlers-Danlos. Recently I read a blog about a woman who asked that same question and found out that the Ehlers was keeping her body from correctly absorbing nutrients.. Very interesting. We will see. She gave me some sample meal plans to get me started and while they are not gluten free I should be able to make most of their gluten free counter parts. The best part is that I can eat fruit again! She just doesn’t want me drinking fruit juice and that’s OK. I had already cut fruit juice out a while ago because it was too high in sugar. This is going to be an ongoing struggle but at least I am no longer going it alone.

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