Monday, April 5, 2010

Original Pancake house

Easter Sunday/ our one year Anniversary we went to the Original Pancake house I would not recommend them to anyone ever. When we were seated the ice in our glasses had already melted; which tells me that it had been sitting there a while. Not once during the entire meal were any of our glasses refilled. Bear had called ahead to ask specifically about the menu and mentioned my pork allergy and gluten intolerance's. We were reassured that they had a wonderful menu and that they would and could accommodate us. The gluten free menu is small. I mean small as in a 4" by 3" laminated piece of paper. Over half of the menu had sausage, bacon, or ham. We sat for a good 45 minutes before our waiter turned up to take our order. We tried telling him that I am a allergic to Pig and needed the grill cleaned off and free of pork products. The food defiantly was tainted when it arrived. After we left my lips and tongue got all tingly, a massive head ache set in and I was unable to stay awake for more than a few seconds before crashing again and again, but not before an emergency trip too the bathroom. They are darn lucky it was only a small exposure or I would be slapping a hospital bill on them. From the time we ordered till the food came it took at least another hour. Lucky for us I had an emergency health bar in my purse to keep my starving four year old niece from eating the table. Seriously people, if you know it's going to be that long of a wait and you see that the party has a small child with them, for the love of God bring out some crackers! When the food came, my sister in law's order was wrong. She had ordered Strawberry crepes and they brought out strawberry pancakes. I ordered three gluten free pancakes, hash browns, and sunny side up eggs. The hash browns were surprisingly good and that is all the credit I will give them. The eggs were so runny that they were practically raw. The pancakes I am sure were contaminated with gluten and I am paying for it today. I spent the rest of the day quite miserable and constantly crashing from pork, and hurting from gluten. Happy Anniversary indeed.

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