Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dairy Challenge: Day 12

Breakfast: One slice of GF toast, 2 scrambled egg whites and half an apple.
Cal:129 Carb: 26.7 Chol: 0 Fat: 0 Sugar: 3.5

Snack: 1/2 and apple with 2 wraps made with Tofu sour cream, spicy guacamole, corn tortillas, and turkey.
Cal:135.5 Carb: 40 Chol: 10 Fat: 9.5 Sugar: 4.5

Lunch: 1 bowl of Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise cereal with 1 cup of almond milk.
Cal: 260 Carb: 52 Chol: 0 Fat: 0 Sugar: 14

Dinner: 2 Pizzas made using corn tortillas as a crust and soy cheese flavored like mozzarella. They were very good. Bear's pizzas toppings were black olives, turkey peperoni, and fresh basil. My pizza's were topped with mushrooms, black olives and fresh basil. We each had two and it was the perfect amount. These are definitely going to be a repeat.
Cal: 390 Carb: 46 Chol: 0 Fat: 8 Sugar: 5

Daily Total

914.5 Carb: 164.7 Chol: 10 Fat: 22.5 Sugar: 27

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