Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 5: Dairy Challange

Breakfast: Toast with tofu cream cheese substitute, 1 cutie orange, and 1 egg with yolk. Yes, WITH yolk. I found out some pretty cool things about the down trodden egg yolk on THIS site.
Cal: 230 Carb: 22.9 Chol: 210 Fat: 17 Sugar: 9.9 1 Snack: 1 turkey wrap made with corn tortilla, tofu sour cream and spicy guacamole, and one green apple.
Cal: 202 Carb: 33.25 Chol: 10 Fat: 5.25 Sugar: 15

Lunch: A delectable Salad with avocado, black olives (4 of them cut up) and 1/2 of a grilled chicken breast. Mmmmmmm
Cal: 256.7 Carb: 18.75 Chol: 280 Fat: 18.55 Sugar: 9.9

Snack: Part of this experiment is being honest and not changing anything other than eating dairy. So here is my indulgent afternoon snack of mashed potatoes (made with soy butter and almond milk).
Cal: 260 Carb: 45 Chol: 1 Fat: 6.8 Sugar: 3.4
Dinner: This is a family favorite. Ramen (rice bowl from Trader Joe's) with added vegetables and an egg. We call it Anime soup... If you watch Anime, you know why.
Cal: 250 Carb: 35.8 Chol: 215 Fat: 6.5 Sugar: 5.5

Daily Total

Carb:1198.7 Carb: 155.7 Chol: 716 Fat: 54.1 Sugar: 43.7

Hmm a big difference adding in yolk and whole avocados, but still I know the fats are good fats and so is the cholesterol. Not bad on the rest of them.

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