Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 8: Dairy Free Challenge

Breakfast: 1 sunny side up egg a slice of GF toast and 1/2 a small grapefruit.
Cal 179 Carb: 18.25 Chol: 215 Fat: 6.75 Sugar:5

Snack: 1/4 cup almonds.
Cal 136.5 Carb: 5.15 Chol: 0 Fat: 11.7 Sugar: .9

Lunch: Grilled tofu cheese sandwich with gluten free bread and roast red pepper tomato soup. What can I say? I had a craving. It turns out tofu cheese is not a bad substitute in a grilled cheese sandwich, but probably not worth repeating any time soon. The soup on the other hand. Mmm Mmm good.
Cal 680 Carb: 96 Chol: 0 Fat: 21 Sugar: 24

Dinner: Trader Jo's GF ramen noodles with added vegetables (there is no egg so I wont call it anime soup).
Cal: 180 Carb: 34.8 Chol: 0 Fat: 2 Sugar: 5.5

Daily Total

Cal: 1172.5 Carb: 154.2 Chol: 215 Fat: 41.45 Sugar: 35.4

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