Monday, April 4, 2011

Dairy Free Challange: Day 2 and GF Corn Dogs!

Breakfast: Gluten free corn flakes with almond milk and half of a green apple.
Cal: 298 Carb: 79 Chol: 0 Fat: 3 Sugar 15

Snack: One Cutie orange.
Cal: 40 Carb: 9 Chol: 0 Fat: .25 Sugar 8

Lunch: 2 small Corn wraps with turkey, spicy guacamole and tofu sour cream.
Cal: 232.5 Carb: 28.5 Chol: 20 Fat: 10.5 Sugar 2

Snack: 1/4 cup freashfly roasted Garbonzo chickpeas with Cajun seasoning. (I'll have to post the recipe later. These were filling believe it or not, the picture actually is half a cup but I could not finish it).
Cal: 93.3 Carb: 15 Chol: 0 Fat: 2.6 Sugar .3

Dinner: 2 Gluten free corn dogs with 1 cup veggies. Dinner was a bit of a splurge. We have been looking for gluten free corn dogs for a few years now and finally found them! They also were dairy free and DELICIOUS!
Cal: 413.3 Carb: 43.3 Chol: 60 Fat: 4 Sugar 12.7

Yup, popcorn again. I can't help it, I love sharing with my dog. She loves to catch the kernels as I toss them.. But that's a different blog.
Cal: 60 Carb: 38 Chol: 0 Fat: 18 Sugar 0


Cal:1137.1 Carb:212.8g Chol:80mg Fat:38.4g Sugar:47.5g

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